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Is the concrete on your property irrevocable due to tree roots? Are you doubting your structure’s integrity? Concrete replacement would be a better and more permanent solution than repair. However, in most cases of sunken and uneven foundations, repairs are a more feasible alternative.

The unsightly and unsafe effects of sunken or uneven concrete can be costly if not addressed. Caused by poor soil stability, extreme weather, water erosion and tree roots, sunken or uneven concrete negatively affects the appeal of the home. Such structures can be restored to their initial appeal. This can be reversed and repaired through mud jacking. Mud jacking effectively raises concrete on patios, garage floors, basement floors, decks, walkways, porches and driveways.
Also referred to as slab jacking, slab leveling and concrete lifting, mud jacking is a process of lifting settled concrete slabs by drilling holes through them. A slurry or mud comprising of a mix of soil, water, sand and cement is then pumped into the space beneath the settling slab to lift it. The cured mixture creates a solid and stable fill that sets the slab back to its original position or location. Once the slab is in place, the holes are filled with a color matching grout. Mud jacking is a specialized job that not only uses specialized equipment, but also requires a trained contractor. At Haltom City Foundation Repair Experts, our contractors are well trained on local soil conditions and are well versed with mud jacking skills.
Foundation repairs can be done through two mud jacking applications:

1. Raising interior floors: When the middle of the slab foundation settles, mud jacking can be used to return the floors to their initial position. 2-inch holes are drilled through the slab around the settled areas and a slurry mixture is pumped underneath the concrete in order to lift the slab back in position.
2. Fill voids: Foundation problems are caused by a settled foundation perimeter. Upon engagement, our foundation contractors level settled sections of the foundation with push piers. The piers are installed under the perimeter grade beam, raising the foundation. This creates a void under the slab. Mud jacking is then used to fill the space created by the lift. By drilling 2-inch holes through the perimeter grade beam, a slurry mixture is pumped into the void, setting the foundation back to position.

Mud jacking Benefits.

Mud jacking has a range of benefits.
  • It a process that involves low pressure lifting of the slab and is environmentally friendly.
  • It is a process that can be completed under any weather.
  • The process allows immediate use as the slurry takes 48 hours maximum time to cure.
  • It is a budget friendly process compared to other alternatives.
  • Protection of the home’s curb appeal is assured. Its installation does not damage the lawn, the voids are completely filled without leaving any air pockets.
The right concrete repair and replace method is best left to a professional contactor. Call us today for a free inspection.

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