Located in Haltom City, TX, Haltom City Foundation Repair Experts has served the larger Haltom area with a deliberate commitment to provide consistent, quality and customer satisfying service. We pride in our established systems that are in compliance with the Foundation repair Association code of Ethics, which we are party to. We further pride in our outstanding performance that has been made possible through:

  • A well-established internal control system that has seen a coherent synergy among our departments;
  • Competitive staff care and compensation plans that have assured professionalism.
  • An assurance of a lifetime warranty from our services.
We understand that a well built, reinforced and safe home is the beginning of a lifetime journey towards efficiency. We have been in operation long enough to understand various foundation and house leveling problem associated factors in Haltom City and beyond. Our investment in community participation and feedback has further enhanced our relevance in the foundation and house leveling niche.
We pride in first hand customer service that is devoid of sub-contracting. Any job we have taken up, we have ensured that is handled with utmost professionalism and standard. We owe our clients, who are the community, a duty of care. As such, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery, and information and research that has enabled us remain relevant overtime. Our great relations with other organizations in our niche have further cemented community collaboration with an end goal to have lasting solutions to the ever-evolving Haltom city’s needs.

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